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We've carefully designed our hypnotic audio book 'Step Into Natures Therapy Room' to engage and integrate your mind-body system.

Specifically written and recorded for trauma and PTSD sufferers, this audio book takes the listener on a "hero's journey" through many natural environments to discover inner strengths and resources.   

'Step into Natures Therapy Room' contains six tracks that lead you into enhanced states of consciousness. There, new ideas and behaviours can emerge. When you attain brain wave frequencies associated with meditation, dreaming and intuition, you bypass the Critical Control Faculty (CCF) which inhibits new mental patterns. 

Our hypnotic audio book soothes an over-sensitised and over-reactive fear centre in the brain. Over time listening to the tracks help recalibrate your nervous system. This means that your cells are no longer immersed in an inflammatory, toxic and acidic stress bath. Instead, they bathe in a nurturing environment that reduces the risk of disease and ill-health. 

The audio program is a highly effective tool for people seeking to overcome the effects of trauma and PTSD. Together with an effective and enjoyable therapy and coaching program, this hypnotic audio book provides a long term solution-focused resource that you can return to again and again. 

As we say, "It's like having a therapist in your pocket!"

Included in all training packages and coaching & therapy programs

  • Sleep soundly night after night
  • Awaken refreshed and relaxed
  • 15 minutes of listening equals one hour of sleep
  • Reaches the parts other therapies can't
  • Instant calm at your fingertips
  • Accelerate progress between sessions
  • Carry your therapist in your pocket

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No one can deny the power of nature to relax, rejuvenate and heal.

In 2014, I hiked the length of New Zealand over four months, solo. Inspired by its wild weather, coastlines, rivers, mountains, forests, glaciers and volcanoes as well as by nature's capacity to heal, I wanted to share this experience with my clients. So I persuaded my wife to dip deeper into our savings and rent an isolated cabin on the Coromandel Peninsula. There we co-wrote, recorded and produced a "hypnotic audio book" for people suffering from fears, trauma and PTSD.  

I adapted the metaphor of Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' for the book's framework. As a former infantry officer and PTSD 'outliver', I know that those of us changed by trauma can return from darkness with the priceless gifts of insight, compassion and knowledge of how to heal the mind. 

PTSD is only a 'disorder' if it is left untreated. After the mind is healed, you can look back and call it 'PTSA'- the Post Traumatic Stress Advantage. Our hope is that this hypnotic audio book will be your ally on the road to recovery. 

When your mind works right, your business works right

As therapists and small business owners, we know how challenging it is to provide life-enhancing therapy while dealing with the full range of business pressures.

We initially created the "Rewire Your Business Brain" self-hypnosis audio program for ourselves. It worked! 

With the help of a business coach, we launched it into the wider business community and introduced workshops to complement the audio program.  

Graduates tell us this program has not only helped them prosper in business through better decision-making, less procrastination and greater creativity but also by enhancing health and relationships at home. 

Try it for yourself. If it's not for you, simply let us know within 42 days from the date of purchase and we'll refund your money, no questions asked!