A Cruising Yacht Tour Operator Writes...


"The hypnotism sessions were just wonderful," enthuses Mrs W from the Sunshine Coast

I first consulted Richard when I was troubled with inability to sleep, ringing in my ears and massive anxiety all due to worry and stress over my son's and daughter-in-law's unborn baby who the doctors thought might have birth defects.

Richard, who is a gifted counsellor, immediately put me at ease with his calm, professional manner and good advice.

The hypnotism sessions were just wonderful and even after the first session, I felt calmer and my stress levels dropped. The treatments helped me to put away negative thoughts and to feel happy and more positive.

I was able to sleep properly again, the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) stopped and I felt my happy and enthusiastic self again.

A few months later my little grandson was born with only a tiny problem which can be fixed with a small operation.

I thoroughly recommend Richard and his marvellous treatment to everyone out there suffering from the horrible debilitating symptoms of stress, anxiety and addictions.

Mrs W from the Sunshine Coast (full name withheld by request)