A Nutritionist and Small Business Woman writes...

 "Hypnotherapy truly changed my life," says Nutritionist Bridget from Tewantin

Hypnotherapy with Richard truly CHANGED my life and enabled me to THINK MORE CLEARLY and NOT FEEL PRESSURISED. He is a fully-accredited and masterful psychotherapist who specialises in hypnotherapy. He is a master of the mind and has an incredible background. I trust him implicitly :)

I still listen to Richard's self-hypnosis tracks FIRST thing upon waking... before I even get out of bed. CRAZY wonderful things have happened to me since listening to these daily.

When I was at my most stressed/anxious/depressed, I listened to them DURING THE DAY- as like a break to bring my CORTISOL levels (horrific stress hormone- at least when it is being pumped into your bloodstream as it does when you feel negative/stressed/pressured/threatened in some way) down and get me thinking clearly and rationally again.

Going through life with a muddled mind and brain is like trying to drive your car with a muddy windscreen- foolish AND dangerous! It is SO easy to simply take the time to pull over, clear the windscreen, THEN continue on driving... THAT is exactly how I explain using hypnotherapy to other people- at least that is what it does for me! Cleans my mental windscreen! hehe :)

I guess Mr Margesson is kinda one of my gurus right now- not that I want to be like him or live his life, I just really RESONATE with everything he has taught me so far AND I truly credit HIS WORK to helping me get out of the pit out depression, anxiety, fear, procrastination and stagnation I scarily found myself in not so long ago..! SO IN KNOW THIS WORKS! :)

If you really feel like you NEED A CHANGE in your life... make time and space for this! I PROMISE, it WILL make a difference!! ;)

Bridget Thompson, founder of New Leaf Nutrition in Tewantin