A Keen Golfer writes...

I consulted Richard for help with improving my golf game. I've always been very athletic and a high performer but feelings of anger and tension whenever I made poor shots were ruining my enjoyment of the game. I wasn't quite at the club throwing stage but I could sense it might go there. I was even thinking of giving up the game altogether. Richard helped me feel comfortable and relaxed from our very first meeting. He gave me a clear explanation of how my mind worked and a clear treatment plan. This helped me understand what was going wrong and most importantly, what I could do to start relaxing and enjoying my game again. Right from the start, he helped me feel confident that by focusing on what I wanted, I could get it.

I really enjoyed visiting his consulting room which is totally non-clinical and more like a comfortable lounge room at home. It put me at ease and made it really easy to take the warm, relaxed and confident atmosphere back home and into daily life.

Within a few sessions, my relationship with the game had totally changed. I genuinely couldn't wait to play and if I made a poor shot, it just didn't matter. I could shrug it off, regroup quickly and keep going with a smile on my face. I felt wonderful about hearing compliments from my husband and other golfing partners. I discovered that my personal relationships improved as well. All those little irritations and niggles I had with people just seemed to melt away.

When I felt confident that the changes in my mental outlook were working, Richard encouraged me to start spacing out our sessions. As he promised, it really does take only about 6 weeks of consistent practice to rewire the brain in positive ways!

The CDs Richard provides as part of his treatment really work. I love the convenience of being able to listen to them whenever I wanted to. They are like having a therapist in your pocket: you can just reach in and pull out your coach whenever you need to. Weeks after our sessions ended, I'm still listening to them!

I feel like I have got the 'real me' back- I'm confident, happy and relaxed, not just on the golf course but in any environment. And my husband is thrilled by the changes I have made. I whole-heartedly recommend Richard's wonderful treatment to anyone whose enjoyment of the game of life (and golf) is being ruined by negative thinking.

Denise, Sunshine Coast (surname withheld by request)