A Home Share Trader Writes...

 "I simply can't speak highly enough of my treatment," says Rob from Buderim

A good friend recommended Richard to me. At the time, I was in a very dark place with no clear way of climbing out and with my family disintegrating around me. 

From his very first email to me, I sensed I had a strong ally in my corner at last. Within a few minutes of meeting him, my confidence and belief in myself started to return. Richard's consulting room became a weekly 'raft of comfort' for me. He even dispensed cups of tea with words of wisdom!

I started treatment highly sceptical about hypnosis but became an immediate convert. Together with the focus on finding real-life solutions, the extreme relaxation of hypnosis meant I left each session feeling stronger, more optimistic and with new positive thinking patterns. The way Richard gives a context of scientific validity by weaving in neuroscience and the history of humanity's ancestral resilience is exceptional.

Richard's form of therapy truly pushes the frontiers of change- it's a fresh and exciting approach and best of it all, it works! He helped me gain the ability to go beyond what I thought I could achieve. He drew out the best in me and helped me build on that.

And he gives incredible value for money. On their own, each session was more than worth the fee. But to get the standard of complimentary follow-on support he delivers through CDs, eBooks and email backup between sessions is exceptional. He is truly sincere, passionate and conscientious about caring for others.

I simply can't speak highly enough of my treatment. I'm back with my family now and we're all doing really well. Richard's voice still goes with me in times of challenge. So, if you're in a dark spot or can't seem to get on top of a difficulty, run- don't walk- to make an appointment with him.

Rob (surname withheld on request)