A Home Business Entrepreneur and Mum emails...

After our session, I felt exhausted. I went home, chatted briefly with my husband and had to lie down for an hour! Very unlike me to sleep during the day. Yesterday I continually replayed my "movie" of how I wanted the day to unfold. I had several pangs of anxiety in the afternoon as it was a bit of a rush getting everything prepared for my demo but just kept reminding myself that it was normal to feel a bit nervous before a "performance". The ladies were due at 4.45 but did not show till 5.00 so I got 5 minutes of quiet breathing time in after all.

Though I was a bit anxious at the start (and a bit too chatty!) I soon got into the rhythm and my demo came off on time and without a hitch. I got 3 bookings out of it and 1 very keen customer so I'm really pleased. I asked the ladies to give me an honest appraisal at the end - all 3 of them told me I'd done a "fantastic job" and that I was "a natural". Who would've thought?? I listened to my CD again last night when I went to bed and for the first time in months, slept through the night and woke without any recollection of dreaming. Also very unusual for me.  So I'd have to say, it looks like you've done a pretty good job!

I will make contact if/when I feel I need to book another session. In the meanwhile, many heartfelt thanks.

Mrs. A. S. Sunshine Coast