"Rewire Your Brain for Health" Workshops

Feedback from participants who attended the "Rewire Your Brain for Health" one day workshops by Richard Margesson with Christine Maudy on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

If you are ready or searching for a new direction in your life, if you have an interest and appreciation of energy effects at a personal and global level, you can gain real benefit from this workshop. Richard and Christine are well studied and passionate examples of the important principles imparted. Nothing to lose on this day and so much to gain. Life changing.

Testimonial from Ellen Reiner, RYB for Health 1, 17/03/12

Hear how you can improve your life. Use your time better. Be more aware of nature.

Val Colless RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

If you are feeling stuck or in a rut, this is a fabulous course to take a positive step forward to achieving the life you desire.

Karen Veltmeyer, Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiology, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Think about a problem and find a simple step to start solving it."

Brenton Schwab, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Full of information and tools that make it easy to understand and take away. Understanding what happens is often all that is needed to make the necessary changes.

Frederic Canal, Virtual Ninja, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

The workshop helps to clarify your mind and find solutions to create the life you want to live. It inspires you to take the time to do things which make your heart sing; to take small, simple steps to make big changes which will improve your life. It is a very informative and motivating day of learning and sharing.

Samantha Willert, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

This workshop is a gift- a whole day in which to identify areas of problematic habits and unachieved goals and then to refine in small steps how to eliminate the bad habits and acquire new positive ones. In a friendly, gentle atmosphere, one is guided to realise and become congruent with one's values and goals.

Nicola Wisse, Birchgrove Farm, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Join the dots to create happiness.'Rewire Your Brain for Health teaches you how.

Nicole Hoffman, Owner Café Envy, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12