About The "Rewire Your Business Brain" Program


Definitely worth the investment to help anyone cope with the everyday business pressure that is part of our society. Gives you the insight and practical solutions that can make you successful and stress free in your business.


This programme is good to attend if you have some area of your life that is not working the way you want it to. It is motivating and puts you back on track in life.

Sony Vasandani, Entrepreneur

Good opportunity for you to stop and look at where you are with your life and bring up areas you may have been avoiding or ignoring so you can start to move forward.

John Raneri, Raneri Enterprises

Don't wait. Make the decision to be proactive in your life. Richard can teach you how to find the work-life balance we all crave. Learn to appreciate the small things again!

Hayley Pennycuick, Fencescape Fencing Caboolture.

It is really valuable to understand how increasing things like our relationship time, rest time, nutrition, exercise, and appreciation of things around us can expand our thinking and in turn, help us to be more successful and happy in our business!

Nicole Fraine, Psychologist

If you feel 'stuck' with where your life is taking you or if your business is not growing, this program is a unique way of changing mindsets. Fears, belief systems, reprogramming your way of thinking and discovering what it is you really want out of life and business... Find out what success really is and ultimately happiness- for you.

Vera Raneri, Raneri Enterprises

Come and build your confidence and belief in your own ability to succeed. Make a belief it will happen and learn that you are only limited by your mindset. Learn to appreciate what you have and set goals.

Rob Pennycuick, Fencescape Fencing Caboolture and All Building Services.

Highly recommended. It is our experience of events and how we feel and think about those that shape our lives up until this point. We can't change what has already to us but we can change how we think about those experiences and events and how we think and create a better future.

Tina Nalty, Nalty Co.

Having a creative and visionary brain, I can be inundated with never-ending ideas... great for the role I play in other people's businesses but distracting in my own!! Working with Richard, I now have the tools to define my focus and hit my targets with pinpoint precision.

Lucinda Coalter, Querky Media

Business strategies are 10x more powerful when your business brain is wired to see and take on bigger opportunities. The Rewire Your Business Brain 42 Day Programme does that and more. Richard and Rosa want you to succeed and they have the tools to make it happen. Thank you. I'm grateful for all that you have you've shown and taught me.

George Bakrnchev, Red Day Coaching

Richard delivers… Absolutely!

Janet Blake, Jababird Ltd

Richard is a fascinating person with a positive, simple message to share.

Trevor Gilliland, Caloundra Law

Very expansive. Broad application. Very inspiring.

Ellise Goodrich, High Priestess Productions

I wholeheartedly recommend Richard’s coaching and program to people who need to overcome stress and anxiety in business.

Madeleine Bridges,

Broad and up to date.

Ross Smith, EcoFit Australia

Richard is an inspiring speaker who has “walked the walk” and is willing to share his learning.

Marilyn Colvin-Boon, The Alternative Centre

I found Richard to be a very engaging and thought-provoking speaker. I have gained a greater understanding of the way our brains subconsciously influence our actions, decisions and choices we make.

Bernard Kasteel, Principal at Ribakasteell Chartered Accountants

I think you are terrific, Richard. I have attended the Landmark Seminar Series, Forum and the Advanced Course. In a nutshell, I believe you have captured exactly the idea behind why these seminars are so successful. I am absolutely confident that your Rewiring programs work. Please continue to deliver what many people need to get absolute fulfilment from their lives.

Sandy Riba, Principal Ribakasteel Chartered Accountants

Focus, clarity and a mind-altering experience. Richard delivers an excellent, well-researched and balanced look at the neuroscience of success in a business context.

Jeremy Britton, 24 Hour Wealth Coach

Highly, highly recommended. We can’t change what has already happened to us but we can change how we think and feel about those experiences. Richard shows you exactly how to create a better future by rewiring how we can free ourselves from the outdated neural patterns that hold us back.

Tina Nalty, Nalty Co.

Come and build your confidence and belief in your own ability to succeed. You are limited only by your mindset. Learn to appreciate what you have and set clear goals. Richard shows you exactly how to stop working in circles.

Name Withheld

It is incredibly valuable to understand how increasing things like exercise, relationship time, rest, nutrition and appreciation can expand our brains and our create a positive success-oriented mindset. From an evidence-based perspective, it is cleat that happiness and success helps the bottom-line of your business.

-Nicola Fraine, Psychologist

Don’t wait. Make the decision to be proactive in your life. Richard teaches you how to find the work-life balance we all crave.

Hayley Pennycuick, Fencescape Fencing

"Rewire Your Brain for Health" Workshops

Feedback from participants who attended the "Rewire Your Brain for Health" one day workshops by Richard Margesson with Christine Maudy on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

If you are ready or searching for a new direction in your life, if you have an interest and appreciation of energy effects at a personal and global level, you can gain real benefit from this workshop. Richard and Christine are well studied and passionate examples of the important principles imparted. Nothing to lose on this day and so much to gain. Life changing.

Testimonial from Ellen Reiner, RYB for Health 1, 17/03/12

Hear how you can improve your life. Use your time better. Be more aware of nature.

Val Colless RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

If you are feeling stuck or in a rut, this is a fabulous course to take a positive step forward to achieving the life you desire.

Karen Veltmeyer, Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiology, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Think about a problem and find a simple step to start solving it."

Brenton Schwab, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Full of information and tools that make it easy to understand and take away. Understanding what happens is often all that is needed to make the necessary changes.

Frederic Canal, Virtual Ninja, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

The workshop helps to clarify your mind and find solutions to create the life you want to live. It inspires you to take the time to do things which make your heart sing; to take small, simple steps to make big changes which will improve your life. It is a very informative and motivating day of learning and sharing.

Samantha Willert, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

This workshop is a gift- a whole day in which to identify areas of problematic habits and unachieved goals and then to refine in small steps how to eliminate the bad habits and acquire new positive ones. In a friendly, gentle atmosphere, one is guided to realise and become congruent with one's values and goals.

Nicola Wisse, Birchgrove Farm, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

Join the dots to create happiness.'Rewire Your Brain for Health teaches you how.

Nicole Hoffman, Owner Café Envy, RYB for Health 2, 27/05/12

A Successful Quit Smoking Client writes...


Hi Richard,

Thank you for enabling me to become a non-smoker. Your programme definitely worked instantly, and although I had cravings for a cigarette in the weeks following the hypnotherapy session with you, I had the control to easily get through these moments. I have also gained confidence in myself in my day to day life, I feel from listening to the cd daily and am definitely certain that I am a non-smoker for life. Would recommend your programme to anybody that needed to remove any addiction or habit from their life.


Brad Herberte


A Home Business Entrepreneur and Mum emails...

After our session, I felt exhausted. I went home, chatted briefly with my husband and had to lie down for an hour! Very unlike me to sleep during the day. Yesterday I continually replayed my "movie" of how I wanted the day to unfold. I had several pangs of anxiety in the afternoon as it was a bit of a rush getting everything prepared for my demo but just kept reminding myself that it was normal to feel a bit nervous before a "performance". The ladies were due at 4.45 but did not show till 5.00 so I got 5 minutes of quiet breathing time in after all.

Though I was a bit anxious at the start (and a bit too chatty!) I soon got into the rhythm and my demo came off on time and without a hitch. I got 3 bookings out of it and 1 very keen customer so I'm really pleased. I asked the ladies to give me an honest appraisal at the end - all 3 of them told me I'd done a "fantastic job" and that I was "a natural". Who would've thought?? I listened to my CD again last night when I went to bed and for the first time in months, slept through the night and woke without any recollection of dreaming. Also very unusual for me.  So I'd have to say, it looks like you've done a pretty good job!

I will make contact if/when I feel I need to book another session. In the meanwhile, many heartfelt thanks.

Mrs. A. S. Sunshine Coast


A Home Share Trader Writes...

 "I simply can't speak highly enough of my treatment," says Rob from Buderim

A good friend recommended Richard to me. At the time, I was in a very dark place with no clear way of climbing out and with my family disintegrating around me. 

From his very first email to me, I sensed I had a strong ally in my corner at last. Within a few minutes of meeting him, my confidence and belief in myself started to return. Richard's consulting room became a weekly 'raft of comfort' for me. He even dispensed cups of tea with words of wisdom!

I started treatment highly sceptical about hypnosis but became an immediate convert. Together with the focus on finding real-life solutions, the extreme relaxation of hypnosis meant I left each session feeling stronger, more optimistic and with new positive thinking patterns. The way Richard gives a context of scientific validity by weaving in neuroscience and the history of humanity's ancestral resilience is exceptional.

Richard's form of therapy truly pushes the frontiers of change- it's a fresh and exciting approach and best of it all, it works! He helped me gain the ability to go beyond what I thought I could achieve. He drew out the best in me and helped me build on that.

And he gives incredible value for money. On their own, each session was more than worth the fee. But to get the standard of complimentary follow-on support he delivers through CDs, eBooks and email backup between sessions is exceptional. He is truly sincere, passionate and conscientious about caring for others.

I simply can't speak highly enough of my treatment. I'm back with my family now and we're all doing really well. Richard's voice still goes with me in times of challenge. So, if you're in a dark spot or can't seem to get on top of a difficulty, run- don't walk- to make an appointment with him.

Rob (surname withheld on request)



Testimonial from a Sales Professional Who Quit Smoking

 "3 months later I am completely smoke free," says Christine from the Sunshine Coast

My name is Christine and I don't smoke.

I used to. I look back now and think how repulsive an addiction it really is. I met Richard through a recommendation, always the best advertising, and nearly three months later I am completely smoke-free and I feel great.

Hypnosis really is a magical experience and so very enlightening, although secretly, at the time I did have some reservations as to the outcome. So with absolutely no side effects and definitely no desire to ever want to "self abuse" myself in that way again, I am completely convinced that without the wonderful experience that Richard shared with me during our consultation, I would still be on that merry-go-round of stop/start!

There will always be triggers in your life and its so easy to use that as an excuse to give in to smoke, but to overcome that is the best and sweetest victory of all.

Thank you, Richard for your presence and giving me the belief in myself to control my smoking habit.

For anyone contemplating this challenge, please, you owe it to yourself to be the best you possibly can be, and smoking just does not fit that picture. Richard will give you all the tools you need to overcome this habitual cycle and take it from me, you will not regret making this decision.

Christine from the Sunshine Coast (surname withheld by request)


A Keen Golfer writes...

I consulted Richard for help with improving my golf game. I've always been very athletic and a high performer but feelings of anger and tension whenever I made poor shots were ruining my enjoyment of the game. I wasn't quite at the club throwing stage but I could sense it might go there. I was even thinking of giving up the game altogether. Richard helped me feel comfortable and relaxed from our very first meeting. He gave me a clear explanation of how my mind worked and a clear treatment plan. This helped me understand what was going wrong and most importantly, what I could do to start relaxing and enjoying my game again. Right from the start, he helped me feel confident that by focusing on what I wanted, I could get it.

I really enjoyed visiting his consulting room which is totally non-clinical and more like a comfortable lounge room at home. It put me at ease and made it really easy to take the warm, relaxed and confident atmosphere back home and into daily life.

Within a few sessions, my relationship with the game had totally changed. I genuinely couldn't wait to play and if I made a poor shot, it just didn't matter. I could shrug it off, regroup quickly and keep going with a smile on my face. I felt wonderful about hearing compliments from my husband and other golfing partners. I discovered that my personal relationships improved as well. All those little irritations and niggles I had with people just seemed to melt away.

When I felt confident that the changes in my mental outlook were working, Richard encouraged me to start spacing out our sessions. As he promised, it really does take only about 6 weeks of consistent practice to rewire the brain in positive ways!

The CDs Richard provides as part of his treatment really work. I love the convenience of being able to listen to them whenever I wanted to. They are like having a therapist in your pocket: you can just reach in and pull out your coach whenever you need to. Weeks after our sessions ended, I'm still listening to them!

I feel like I have got the 'real me' back- I'm confident, happy and relaxed, not just on the golf course but in any environment. And my husband is thrilled by the changes I have made. I whole-heartedly recommend Richard's wonderful treatment to anyone whose enjoyment of the game of life (and golf) is being ruined by negative thinking.

Denise, Sunshine Coast (surname withheld by request)

A Nutritionist and Small Business Woman writes...

 "Hypnotherapy truly changed my life," says Nutritionist Bridget from Tewantin

Hypnotherapy with Richard truly CHANGED my life and enabled me to THINK MORE CLEARLY and NOT FEEL PRESSURISED. He is a fully-accredited and masterful psychotherapist who specialises in hypnotherapy. He is a master of the mind and has an incredible background. I trust him implicitly :)

I still listen to Richard's self-hypnosis tracks FIRST thing upon waking... before I even get out of bed. CRAZY wonderful things have happened to me since listening to these daily.

When I was at my most stressed/anxious/depressed, I listened to them DURING THE DAY- as like a break to bring my CORTISOL levels (horrific stress hormone- at least when it is being pumped into your bloodstream as it does when you feel negative/stressed/pressured/threatened in some way) down and get me thinking clearly and rationally again.

Going through life with a muddled mind and brain is like trying to drive your car with a muddy windscreen- foolish AND dangerous! It is SO easy to simply take the time to pull over, clear the windscreen, THEN continue on driving... THAT is exactly how I explain using hypnotherapy to other people- at least that is what it does for me! Cleans my mental windscreen! hehe :)

I guess Mr Margesson is kinda one of my gurus right now- not that I want to be like him or live his life, I just really RESONATE with everything he has taught me so far AND I truly credit HIS WORK to helping me get out of the pit out depression, anxiety, fear, procrastination and stagnation I scarily found myself in not so long ago..! SO IN KNOW THIS WORKS! :)

If you really feel like you NEED A CHANGE in your life... make time and space for this! I PROMISE, it WILL make a difference!! ;)

Bridget Thompson, founder of New Leaf Nutrition in Tewantin


A Cruising Yacht Tour Operator Writes...


"The hypnotism sessions were just wonderful," enthuses Mrs W from the Sunshine Coast

I first consulted Richard when I was troubled with inability to sleep, ringing in my ears and massive anxiety all due to worry and stress over my son's and daughter-in-law's unborn baby who the doctors thought might have birth defects.

Richard, who is a gifted counsellor, immediately put me at ease with his calm, professional manner and good advice.

The hypnotism sessions were just wonderful and even after the first session, I felt calmer and my stress levels dropped. The treatments helped me to put away negative thoughts and to feel happy and more positive.

I was able to sleep properly again, the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) stopped and I felt my happy and enthusiastic self again.

A few months later my little grandson was born with only a tiny problem which can be fixed with a small operation.

I thoroughly recommend Richard and his marvellous treatment to everyone out there suffering from the horrible debilitating symptoms of stress, anxiety and addictions.

Mrs W from the Sunshine Coast (full name withheld by request)