Quit Smoking

A Successful Quit Smoking Client writes...


Hi Richard,

Thank you for enabling me to become a non-smoker. Your programme definitely worked instantly, and although I had cravings for a cigarette in the weeks following the hypnotherapy session with you, I had the control to easily get through these moments. I have also gained confidence in myself in my day to day life, I feel from listening to the cd daily and am definitely certain that I am a non-smoker for life. Would recommend your programme to anybody that needed to remove any addiction or habit from their life.


Brad Herberte


Testimonial from a Sales Professional Who Quit Smoking

 "3 months later I am completely smoke free," says Christine from the Sunshine Coast

My name is Christine and I don't smoke.

I used to. I look back now and think how repulsive an addiction it really is. I met Richard through a recommendation, always the best advertising, and nearly three months later I am completely smoke-free and I feel great.

Hypnosis really is a magical experience and so very enlightening, although secretly, at the time I did have some reservations as to the outcome. So with absolutely no side effects and definitely no desire to ever want to "self abuse" myself in that way again, I am completely convinced that without the wonderful experience that Richard shared with me during our consultation, I would still be on that merry-go-round of stop/start!

There will always be triggers in your life and its so easy to use that as an excuse to give in to smoke, but to overcome that is the best and sweetest victory of all.

Thank you, Richard for your presence and giving me the belief in myself to control my smoking habit.

For anyone contemplating this challenge, please, you owe it to yourself to be the best you possibly can be, and smoking just does not fit that picture. Richard will give you all the tools you need to overcome this habitual cycle and take it from me, you will not regret making this decision.

Christine from the Sunshine Coast (surname withheld by request)