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"Hypnosis: The "Cure" for Trauma and PTSD"

  • The Comfort Inn Robertson Gardens, 281 Kessels Road Nathan QLD 4111 Australia (map)
 Hypnosis reaches the parts of the brain that therapies cannot.

(Click here if you want to see and hear Richard talk abut this workshop.)

In this workshop, international hypnotherapist, combat veteran and recovered PTSD sufferer Richard Margesson offers practitioners:

  • Penetrating insight into the traumatised brain
  • Compassionate understanding about the mindset of the trauma client
  • Fascinating access archival film footage of how hypnosis was used in World Wars I and II
  • A simple, gentle and proven treatment plan, session by session
  • How to avoid accidentally re-traumatising the client
  • Skills and tools that any practitioner can use straight away
  • Tips for practitioner self-care and protection against compassion fatigue

We'll learn together and build on each other's experiences to give you a simple, clear and comprehensive road map so you can heal trauma without tears, without drama and sometimes without words. 

If hypnosis reaches the parts that other therapies cannot, then it truly is the "cure" for trauma!