When Richard, supported by Rose, completed an epic 1,200 mile walk down the length of New Zealand in 2014, they proved that "forest bathing" is both awe-inspiring and produces measurable mental and physical health benefits.

Now, they inspire people around the globe to take their first steps "into nature's therapy room".

Whether you seek to reinvent yourself, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, tap into enhanced powers of focus or unleash your creativity, they support you through your process. 

And in an age of rapidly increasing urbanisation, the health benefits you gain from immersion in nature become the best grounds for preserving nature. 

Come and join them!



TRaining & Workshops

We specialise in training therapists and individuals in how to relieve Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder using applied neuroscience, solution-focused coaching and a range of techniques including hypnosis. 

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“Richard is awesome as a presenter...
— Sandra Judd, Hypnotherapist

Coaching & Therapy

Discover more about why our 42 Day Formula coaching, therapy and stress management methods receive rave reviews. We use a blend of modern hypnotherapy, NLP and solution-based techniques to "rewire your brain". 

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Richard’s form of therapy truly pushes the frontier of change...”
— Rob from the Sunshine Coast

Forest bathing guided walks

Join us in New Zealand this summer (November 2016-March 2017) for a magical guided walk. "Forest Bathing" (or shinrin yoku) is a process of self-discovery and relaxation that connects you with your gifts, talents and strengths through immersion in nature. 

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Find out how our hypnotic audio programs accelerate your progress and"rewire your brain". They're like having a coach in your pocket. Try one for free. When you sign up as a client, you receive complimentary audio downloads.

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“Your voice goes with me everywhere!”
— M.C. from Sydney

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