Born to Be Wild

Rosa and I drove into Devonport yesterday to meet Michael, owner of Hammock World.

A year ago, Michael sold me my trusty Hennessy Hammock, which has become an indispensable part of my tramping gear. I always rave about it to other trampers I meet on the trail and recommend Michael. So, I gave him a call to suggest that perhaps we could work together. He generously agreed to a meeting.

Besides being a former mountain guide, Michael is quite the Kiwi entrepreneur. It turns out that he has a container full of brand-new sleeping and survival systems, which he designed. He calls this new product the "Survival Outdoor System".

Like a lot of entrepreneurs (including me), he's discovering that having a product is one thing. Bringing it successfully into the market is quite another.

Showing me gear like this is like showing a little boy a train set six months before Christmas. I just had to have it! I suppose he saw that tell-tale gleam in my eyes. Before I knew it and to my utter delight and surprise, he tossed it to me and said, "It's yours!"

So, not only am I the proud owner of what my wife Rosa calls a "onesies" (you know, hooded pyjamas) but I now have a new job description as the official field tester for the Survival Outdoor System.

Thank you, Michael!

Stay tuned for my field review. Until then, here's me happily posing in my tramping "onesies"

Hey, I'm born to be wild, that's for sure.