Keep It Simple (But Not Too Simple)

We need to keep things simple, but not too simple. - Albert Einstein

While walking out of the Russell Forest after breaking camp, I thought about simplicity.

When I had my clinical practice on the Sunshine Coast, I taught people about how the mind works. I'd start the explanation by quoting Einstein's belief.

My wife, Rosa, understands this concept. Years ago, in New York City, a documentary film-maker interviewed us in the street outside a studio we had just visited.

"What is the meaning of Yoga?" he asked, sticking a furry microphone in my face.

I answered with a hopelessly tangled explanation that confused me as much as the filmmaker.

He turned to Rosa, who smiled sweetly and said, "Yoga means moving into stillness."

It was a light-bulb moment. You could practically see the film-maker's neural circuitry explode into understanding. "It's a take!" he cried.

Walking the trail is like Yoga. It is simple but not too simple.

Putting one foot in front of the other is simple. Learning to walk with awareness is not too simple.

Using three tent pegs to tie down a fly is simple. Using the same tent pegs to make a pot stand is not too simple.

Gazing up at clouds is simple (and relaxing.) Forecasting the weather by observing cloud patterns is not too simple.

Knowing how your mind works is simple. Applying that knowledge is not too simple.

I prize the simplicity of this lifestyle on the trail.

And I love the infinite number of ways I can add depth to it.

It really is quite magical.