Today, I Passed the 300 Kilometre Mark

Sometime this afternoon, I passed the 300 kilometre mark. It's a modest achievement but an important one to me. It means that I've walked about 10% of the trail and that's what I focus on. I don't dare think about the enormity of the remaining 90% stretching out before me.

Here and now is what is important.

Tonight, I camped beside a woodland stream and celebrated my achievement with a wash, a shave and a fine meal of macaroni, cheese and chorizo.

It's been and long hot day and I've walked 31 kilometres over trails, roads and tracks.

This morning I woke up by the Whakipapa Stream.

Tomorrow, I'll be walking down to the hamlet of Whanakere. From there, I'll follow the coast southward around inlets, over an estuary, along beaches and through forests.

I'm looking forward to it.