"If Only I had $1.00 For Every Time I've Heard, 'I Used To...'"

I've been thinking today about how many times I've heard clients say, "I used to enjoy…" when I ask them what they do that makes them feel confident, strong and alive. In fact, it's such a common response that if I charged $1.00 for every time I've heard it, I could have retired ages ago.

Back in 2011, I said to Rosa, "I used to love tramping," when we were talking about moving from Australia to New Zealand.

Ever the pragmatist as well as a temptress, she asked, "Well, why don't you do it again?"

So, I said, "I will."

That's how my step-son and I decided to go on a 30 day trek on the South Island last year.

That trek didn't just remind me of how much I loved the "tramping lifestyle." It also rekindled memories of when, as a 23 year-old, I spent a month hiking in the Swiss Alps to prepare for military basic training. Back then, I dreamed of taking people on similar walks so they could reconnect with the natural world outside and their true nature inside.

If this little story reminds you of something you used to love doing but have dropped by the wayside, then I hope it will encourage you to pick it up again.

You may reconnect with an earlier dream or vision of yourself that causes you to say, "I used to work one way. Now, I work another."

This is how I now see my therapy practice unfolding:

"I used to rewire people's brains in an indoor setting. Now, I help them rewire outdoors, in nature."