The Intuition of Cows

You must study deeply the hidden laws of Nature, and when you know them arrange your life according to them, using always reason and common sense.  - Krishnamurti

Who would have thought cows know so much?

On Wednesday morning, Rosa and I watched a herd of about 20 adult and yearling cows cross the stream between one pasture and another. Judging by the volume of mooing, it sounded like an ordeal, especially for the younger ones.

"Why do they bother? Is the grass greener over there?" Rosa asked.

"God knows. Cows aren't that bright," I replied.

How wrong I was.

That night, the tail end of a cyclone whacked New Zealand harder than expected. Through sweeping curtains of rain the next morning, we watched the normally placid stream outside our house rise and swirl. At about 11.00 AM it burst its banks and flooded the field the cows had left the day before. The water also trapped us in our house for the next 24 hours.

Not until the storm passed, the floods subsided and the cows gathered to look wistfully at the pasture they had vacated two days before did we understand.

"Those cows knew exactly what was coming while we had no idea," Rosa said.

Cows aren't so dumb after all. We got stuck and they didn't. We left it too late and they anticipated. We have conscious rational minds and they don't.

I think I need to study the hidden laws of cows a bit more closely.