Go Wild While You Can

Despite the ear plugs, I couldn't sleep. At least they muffled Brett's monologue and allowed me to sift through the wild ideas bubbling away in my neural circuitry. This journey down the length of NZ now had an end date less than four weeks distant. "Let's finish on a real high note," I thought and allowed myself to dream big. Almost at once, I knew what I would do.

River of Fun

River of Fun

What's your instinctive reaction to an invitation to try something different?

On the trail, my default setting has gone from a cautious, "Maybe", to an enthusiastic, "Yes," which explains how I went from sitting in a quiet library to thrusting a paddle into the gale-tossed waters of the Whanganui River in less time than it takes to watch an episode of "Man vs Wild.”

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Leaving the Comfort Zone

For two days, I'd been living in relative comfort and luxury in a backpackers hostel. The longer I stayed there, the harder it was to leave. Even worse, I could sense my enthusiasm draining away faster than the battery in my iPhone.

Last Night in Crazyland

It's our last night before I start the trail again tomorrow. I'm lying in bed with Rosa and we're staring at the ceiling. It's painted with moons and stars that glow in the dark. We know the plaster walls are painted in psychedelic swirls of blue and yellow, A frieze of painted wave forms girdles the room just below the ceiling. We're in Crazy-land.

It's a New World

Kerikeri boasts a "New World" supermarket. 24 hours after leaving Camp Paradise, I wandered its neon-lit aisles in a daze, my senses bombarded by distraction, with my rucksack dominating most of a shopping trolley. The shelves were stocked with choice and yet offered so little of what I really wanted.

"Promise Me You'll Come Back with a Book"

Since time immemorial, men have left their caves, igloos, grass huts or whatever with their women's parting counsel ringing in their ears. "Make sure you keep your feet dry, dear!", "Don't come home until you've found me a nice big fat woolly mammoth!" or, "There, that buckskin pouch I made looks just lovely against your bark loincloth!"