The Surprising Reason Why It's So Dangerous to Stay at Home

Hello Friends,

You're invited to a live event with psychotherapist and "mad keen" solo long-distance walker Richard Margesson at 6.30 PM on Wednesday, 17th September 2014 in Maroochydore.

Join me for an informative and insightful evening to hear all about what it's like to walk the length of 'Middle Earth' and what it did to my brain.

You will find out:

- How walking shapes your brain
- How to use neuroscience to remain calm under pressure
- The mental health hazards of sitting too long
- The neuroscience of motivation and decision-making
- Why from ancient times onwards, leaders, thinkers and influencers have been at their most creative in the outdoors
- Why we humans are hardwired for adventure and why it's positively dangerous not to step into the unknown.

Seating is strictly limited so reserve your place now by clicking here.

When I set out to solo-walk the length of New Zealand last year at the age of 52, I wanted to prove that the urge to explore, to test our limits and to take on challenges, whether in the outdoors or in some other arena, lies within each of us, whatever our age.

But there was another reason.

As a psychotherapist and trainer, I wanted to test my theory that walking out of Africa shaped the human brain over millennia.

And I wanted to find out; "If we re-engineer Stone Age practices into 21st century lifestyles, can we dramatically improve our decision making, productivity, happiness and sense of purpose?"

So, I put myself and my ideas on trial.

Over a four month period I walked, slept in a hammock and survived in some of the world's most remote, unforgiving and beautiful wilderness areas.

What I discovered among the mountains, rivers, beaches, volcanoes and forests astonished me.

Now, I want to share those discoveries with you.

Come and "Step Into Nature's Therapy Room" with me on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 at the "O Wellness Centre", in Suite 5, 13 Norval Court, Maroochydore (within The Corporate Centre.) Seating is strictly limited and entry is by gold coin donation.

Claiming your reservation is easy: simply click here.

We look forward to meeting you for an evening of storytelling, laughter and inspiration,

Richard and Rosa