What Can a Military Sniper Teach You About Meditation?

You wouldn't normally associate the peaceful and compassionate practice of meditation with the story of "the most lethal sniper in American history", would you?

However, when wife and business partner Rosa took me to see "American Sniper" this week as our "date night" treat, I couldn't help but draw the comparison. 

Watching this film took me back to the many hundreds of hours I spent on firing ranges and on operations in the British Army. Learning to nail a target every time is not easy, especially when you're exhausted, stressed and scared. 

To make a successful shot, you need to do three things: adopt a stable firing position, control your breathing and heart rate and mentally project the flight path of your bullet to the target. 

This is also exactly what you need for a successful meditation practice. 

Get into a stable position.

Focus on the breath.

Set a clear intention for the practice. 

If you are not hitting your targets at work, in relationships or health or any other part of your life, you will certainly benefit from learning to meditate like a sniper (without joining the Special Forces.) 

If you want to attend what I call "the SAS selection" of meditation courses, then I recommend this option. I've attended two ten-day and two four-day courses there. However, I'm a recruit compared to Rosa, who has attended nine ten-day courses over the years. 

But if you'd prefer a different approach, Rosa and I are introducing a free online meditation course for you.

We call it "Learn to Meditate for Prosperity." Starting with just five minutes a day, it includes everything you need to get you going. 

Sign up is easy and free. If you need support, have questions or want to share an insight, we're always glad to hear from you, so drop us a line anytime. 

Your thoughts are like bullets. Meditation practice is one of the best proven ways to nail your target every time. See you on the meditation range!