How to Untangle Crossed Wires

For the last couple of weeks, my wife and business manager Rosa and I have continued to shed possessions that no longer serve us. We've had to make some tough decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. 

One of the fun aspects of decluttering is stumbling across hidden gems. Today, I found a poem a client had sent me after her final session a couple of years ago. Finding it reminded me that one immediate benefit of therapy is an upwelling of creativity and the confidence to share it. This always leads to greater prosperity. 

I believe that therapy must be fun and enjoyable if it's to be successful. This poem captures the process. By sharing it, I hope it inspires you, whether as someone whose wiring has gone a little astray or as a therapist who might have lost sight of why you discovered a desire to help people. 

Rewired in 42 Days

Wonky wiring?
Fuses fried?
Water damage
  Because I cried and cried?

Whatever the cause,
Whatever the reason,
Rewiring fixed me
  In half the season.

42 days.
A number of sessions
iPods and iPads
  And multiple lessons.

My part was easy,
I could do it in my sleep.
Now I have a new home and a new job,
 And I no longer weep!

Winter had come
In my heart and my soul.
Now Spring is upon us
  And I'm once again whole.

A spring in my step,
A new zest for life.
Richard, my thanks to you
  And your beautiful wife!