How to Create a Compelling Vision for 2015

Have you ever tried creating a Vision Board? Beloved by major personal development "gurus" like Tony Robbins, Oprah and Deepak Chopra, Vision Boards went mainstream after the release of "The Secret".

However, collecting magazines, printing out affirmations and getting covered with glue felt less than satisfactory. Finding a place to hang and time to hang-out with my vision in a crowded home was never easy, either.

So, back in 2011, I turned to technology. I created my first digital vision board using Apple's Keynote presentation tool.

The effect of going digital with my vision astounded me.

First, I could take it everywhere with me because it was on my iPhone. Second, I could watch it anytime. Third, true emotional engagement with my vision meant that changes happened so much faster.

Then my wife Rosa wanted one.

Immediately, we ran into a stumbling block. Technology, the very thing that helped me, was her curse. So, I hunted around and found a simple but powerful online presentation tool. Haiku Deck was a godsend.

Now, we run a one-day "How to Create a Digital Vision Board" Masterclass. You can check out the next one we're holding on Saturday, 7th February here.

We love facilitating this Masterclass. It's fun, exciting and ultimately transformative in ways no-one can predict.

It gets rave reviews from participants and that's lovely to hear and receive. However, the real joy is watching people light up when they watch their vision come alive.