Why Did Alfred Hitchcock Believe in Happiness?

Who would have thought that Alfred Hitchcock, the dour "master of suspense", put so much emphasis on happiness? 

In this short interview, Hitchcock makes the point that happiness equals productivity and prosperity. 

What blocks the flow of prosperity? In three words: stress, hatred and conflict. Even a sharp word, uttered in haste, was enough to stifle his unique gifts as a visual storyteller. 

Hitchcock is one of my heroes. He overcame many social and physical disadvantages in early life to create a lasting legacy. He took enormous risks to do so. For example, he funded the production costs of "Psycho" by putting his house, assets and savings at risk, while battling the American and British Boards of Censors as well as powerful Hollywood studios.

What blocks your flow of prosperity and what's your favourite way of getting it moving again? 

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