Let's be honest. We're not immune to the stresses of 21st century life. The distractions of technology. The clutter of choice. The temptation to consume. The endless demands on our time. Working inside four square walls. 

That's why we grew disenchanted with our successful but conventional clinics. So we stripped away the complexity and went back to basics.

We now work in a new way that is aligned with our genetic coding as humans. 

Rhythmic walking. Fresh air. The awakening of the senses. Feeling part of nature's matrix. A sense of wonder, adventure and connection.

Simple is always better.

Richard (Viscount Margesson)

Richard (Viscount Margesson)

A twenty year career as a British Army infantry officer gave me broad experience of jungle, desert, arctic and maritime environments in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe. I gained qualifications as a ski instructor, scuba diver, coastal skipper and winter expedition leader. I was privileged to command troops during Op Desert Storm, the UN Protection Force in Central Bosnia and elsewhere. I also served HM The Queen as a Temporary Equerry. 

In my spare time, I hiked the Cornwall coast (600 kms), the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (866 kms), a winter passage of the GR20 in Corsica, the Swiss Alps from Austria to France, and Australia's Sunshine Coast Great Walk and Hinchinbrook Island. 

In 2014, I tramped 1600 kms down the length of New Zealand. These experiences convinced me that rhythmic walking in nature fosters the process of self-discovery. The health of the human brain depends upon it. 

Rose (Viscountess Margesson)

Rose (Viscountess Margesson)

People tell me I'm a naturally happy person. I believe if it's not fun, it's not worth doing and that's my approach to business. 

My background is in marketing. I started a cottage industry: a wildflower jewellery range. My partner and I grew it into an international business supplying duty-free shops and major retail chains. I've lived in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Mexico, Asia and the UK. 

After selling the business, I started my own Yoga school and taught stress management programs in high schools and small businesses. Now, I coach women to get back on the path to self-empowerment. 

I understand how life's challenges pop up from time to time and how important it is to tap into your own resources. A walk in nature inspires us to regain our centre, overcome fear and light up our sense of play.