"Hypnosis: The Lost Cure for Trauma and PTSD"

Are you a therapist seeking to work more effectively and safely with traumatised clients?


International hypnotherapist, coach, combat veteran and recovered PTSD sufferer Richard Margesson with stress management expert Rose Margesson teach therapists and individuals how to heal trauma and PTSD.

In this full-day workshop, you'll gain:

  • Penetrating insight into the traumatised brain
  • Compassionate understanding about the mindset of the trauma client
  • Fascinating access archival film footage of how hypnosis was used in World Wars I and II
  • A simple, gentle and proven treatment plan, session by session
  • Tips to avoid accidentally re-traumatising the client
  • Skills and tools that any practitioner can use straight away
  • Skills for practitioner self-care and protection against compassion fatigue
  • Plus, breathing and neural rebalancing exercises to use with your clients 

We learn together and build on each other's experiences to give you a simple, clear and comprehensive road map for successful therapy so you can heal trauma without tears, without drama and often without words. 

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"Let's Get Digital: Build an Online Global Clinic"


Are you one of the 60% of small business therapy practitioners who don't yet have a meaningful online presence? Do you lack the time and experience to sift through the hype and find digital tools that live up to their promise? Have you wondered about how to "do" online tele-therapy? Then this day-long workshop is for you!

Co-facilitated by Richard and Rose Margesson, you'll be inspired to step deeper into the digital realm and stand out from your peers. 

  • Cut through the clutter to focus on the five best platforms needed for online success
  • Discover the pros and cons of different services
  • Master tricks of the trade for working online successfully with clients
  • Learn language to promote your online services and expertise
  • How to keep yourself and your clients' information and identity secure and safe
  • During the workshop experience skills and techniques to enter different learning and creative states

The "Let's Get Digital" workshop is for any therapist of any age and of any modality who wants to fast-track their way to online therapy success. Discover what's important to you, gain skills and tools you can use straight away and join the digital therapy revolution. To see and listen to Richard talk about "Let's Get Digital", please click here

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No man, woman or child would have kept me away from this masterclass!
— Suzy Hindley, Owner of 'Massage on Moffat,' Sunshine Coast, Australia

"Picture Your Prosperity: Build a Digital Vision Board"

Looking for some breathing space to reconnect with your vision of prosperity? Why not join one of our"Picture Your Prosperity" Masterclasses? Learn to manifest abundant relationships, careers, health, money and anything else you want more of. In this one-day workshop, you'll zero in with a laser-like focus on what truly matters to you. Then, you'll turn your vision into a digital vision board with images and audio that speak to your heart, time after time.

  • Access your higher learning state.
  • Arm yourself with the latest knowledge about the brain and consciousness.
  • Set goals and create Prosperity Statements. 
  • Gain a toolkit of skills that you can use immediately.
  • Use technology to make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Receive awesome after-class support. 

And with your "coach in your pocket", you'll be able to access your compelling vision every day.

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